What’s Wrong with this Picture?

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I’m in the middle of another bout with bronchitis (I think I’m losing), so I planned to skip my blog this week. But last Sunday, a TV advertisement for a Christian dating site changed my mind.

A walk on the beach r1


I’ve never used an online dating site (I found my wife before Al Gore invented the internet), but I know many believers who found like-minded spouses online. The concept makes sense.

Last Sunday I tuned out the clichéd advertisement for Christian dating, with its images of smiling couples holding hands while strolling on a beach at sunset. But then the ad ended with this tagline:

“Helping good people find good people.”

Am I just overreacting?

The image of “good people finding good people” broadcasts all kinds of bad messages:

  • To non-believers: it reinforces the image of pompous Christians (“We’re the good guys and you’re the bad guys”).
  • To believers: it reminds me of the Pharisee who prays, “Thank you God I’m not like….”
  • To everyone: didn’t Jesus say he came not to the “well” but to those who know they are sick?

How can a “Christian” website get it so wrong? I’m all in favor of finding “like-minded” people or people with “shared beliefs” about God.

But to label ourselves as the “good people” undermines the essence of the gospel; because Christianity begins when we finally admit we aren’t.

There’s nothing wrong with a sunset walk on the beach, but to appeal to our superiority doesn’t make us look very … good.


2 Responses to “What’s Wrong with this Picture?”

  1. LIGHT WOULD BE GOOD FOR THE SUMMER, YOU TOTALLY ROCK THIS LOOK..ur face comes out even more (dunnow how to explain) and if you get tanner.. woow :Dhighlights aren’t necessary i think, but if you would take extension than you’d have beautiful dark, long hair and you’ll look like a princess :Danyways.. love it.. you look different but definitely in a good way.. I could go on and on.. but I’ll stop here hahahabtw ur my favorite blogger :Dxxxxxxxxx

  2. Yeah I know what you mean. I read the first story and it’s definitely not for everyone. But maybe that’s the smart thing to do, if you’re going to write it, then make it into a themed anthology where readers know what they’re getting.

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