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How do we know when it’s time to start moving into our call?

I recently did a Campfire Conversation for the Base Camp community with two of my friends and colleagues on the question of “when”.

When is my calling clear enough?

When I am prepared to move into this?

When is God going to release me?

When is God wanting me to start?

When is the timing right?

Here are two of the charts we refer to:


4 Responses to “When?”

  1. Nigel Mohammed says:

    Hi Gary, this particular issue of Noble Heart on ‘When’ is His timing because this question has been churning in my soul for a while. I have just listened to your talk with two of your brothers on the journey. Top quality content that nourishes, stirs, challenges and convicts my spirit. The concept of ‘When is right now’ hits the bullseye for me Gary. I have been moving into an unfolding progression of what feels like His ‘Bigger Story’. The analogy of a trapeze artist helped me once and relates to going through the stages proactively/intentionally. The trapeze artist at some point HAS to let go (this speaks to our unresolved broken areas where our hearts are still buried). But after letting go, he is suspended in mid air for what must feel like a long time (even though it is only seconds) and he has to be in a good relationship with the guy who is going to catch him on the other side..he has to trust him. As you said, so much depends on how much our hearts are healed. I have been in the deepening stage of clarification but have got stuck on the strategy phase…waiting for God to open something up for the next step after leading a mens group for six weeks which came out of a book i wrote on calling men out of the cave. But i have been like the trapeze artist suspended in mid air waiting. So the ‘When is Now’ idea feels like when God first said to Moses at the Red Sea ‘Stand and see the salvation of the Lord’ and then transition until ‘Why are you crying out to Me’…Move forward!. How i would love to share a beer with you and talk because you feel like a kindred brother. The stage of Preparation i also feel i may have misinterpreted ie my whole life has been the preparation but this is because there have been no mentors or spiritual fathers. So now like the guy who becamse a father to the fatherless, like i was fatherless (and motherless) i now long to father and mentor fatherless men. Like you, i love the word ‘Clarity’. I just dig it big time man. Your talk on ‘When’ has given me just that…CLARITY. So THANK YOU GARY. In Christ Jesus our Lord. Nigel Mohammed. mohammednigel@yahoo.co.uk

    • jonathan says:

      It seems that many men are called to be fathers to the fatherless. I have played my part in various arenas in being such a mentor; the Heart of a Father is boiling stronger as time progresses.

      Maybe the heart of a father is a given for most men. Maybe the more specific question is: what specifically each man offers as a father-mentor.

  2. jonathan says:

    I believe that God calls me to begin my calling when my heart is moved to go in a direction. I feel the constant pull toward what is part of my calling, even when it seems trivial, because it doesn’t exhaust my soul when I move in that direction. It feels redeeming and even exciting.

    God also closes small doors and big doors, at unexpected times. Sometimes a door.

  3. This is so key Gary, thanks for defining it out. I see most folks asking ‘when’ for most of their lives. And when never comes, or only does when it’s forced upon them and they must react. More and more I’m seeing blessings when I just assume ‘when’ is now.

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