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Red Rocks 1

Last week, when I needed to momentarily get away from the swirl of my thoughts and activities, I explored an open-space area near me.  I was out of earshot of my email, calendar, texts and to-do list hoping to encounter beauty and silence.  What I encountered was God’s voice in an unexpected way.

This 2 minute video, titled Canyon Lesson, brings you into what I saw, thought and experienced.

14 Responses to “Canyon Lesson video-blog”

  1. Drew Hampshire says:

    Wow! Gary. I need to spend some more time with that! Thats definitely worth asking Him about the gain and loss in my own life in the manner that these rocks have also been changed. Well done.!

  2. Very cool Gary. Love how He teaches, comforts, and counsels thru His creation.

  3. Incredible Gary! Is that in the Red Rocks Open Space? I’ve been there a few times and enjoyed it greatly.

  4. John Gerrard says:

    I am blessed and richer in my understanding and walk in God having experienced your Canyon video, Gary. An amazing truth to realize our lives have so much impact upon others, either for bad or for good. The choice in this is ours. I am inspired to seek the Lord for what He wants from my life in this season of change.

  5. Tim Shannon says:

    Well said, Gary.

    “Unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains a single grain of wheat. But if it dies, it bears much fruit”.

    Hope you are well. I have found memories of out time together in Virginia.


  6. Jason Foster says:

    Gary, what a truth the Father was able to share with us through you from that day with Him. I can completely attest to loss and pain that is exacted in me but with which the Lord builds a strong foundation in others. I’ve also noticed that many of those cliffs of rock were keeping me from intimacy with Him and it was His unbridled passion for me which tore them down not only for my access to Him but more importantly for His access to me.

  7. Christopher Woodland says:

    Needed this reminder and the glimpse of joy & the rest of the fruits that come to us from it…it’s for his glory!



  8. Cool video of the canyon! It is amazing to SEE God’s glory through His beautiful creation!

  9. Very nicely done. I loved the music and verses you chose.

    My own canyon walk was thrust upon me in the form of cancer. I had chiseled six-pack abs into my early 50s, not unlike the canyon tiers in your clip. I was left with a soft liter-bottle ab in the aftermath of surgery…the reverse evolution of your canyon.

    It is amazing how Abba reaches each of us, touches us, intimately. Thanks for doing this project and sharing it. It is an encouragement.

  10. Gary… that was amazing. What great insights. I admit, I don’t often view the chaotic, painful, disruptive, crushing, excavation process as a positive thing. But, you’re right. I should. I’ve got to stop equating pain with death and instead know pain as a gateway to life.

    I will watch again and share around.


  11. Lisa Stapp says:

    Nicely done, Gary! Thanks for your insights and hard work.

    This is a beautiful illustration of a lesson brought home to me recently: pain and peace can coexist. For almost 10 years I have believed that healing means the absence of pain – not the physical kind like what Timm has gone through, but the wrenching anguish of losing our son. Like those stony ridges, our lives have been quarried, leaving gaping holes, huge scars … and yet God (don’t you love those “and yet God” rescues?) continues to bring beauty and life through devastating circumstances.

    To and for His glory – yes, yes, yes!

  12. Shannon Cooke says:

    Beautiful. We hide scars, and gray, and age spots, thinking that they’re ugly. But they tell the story of our lives. My Father is always working…..even in the scars and marred places. As Norman Maclean wrote, “He was more than that. He was beautiful.” Even marred and broken. Thanks Gary! Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. I just finished reading (1 Kings 19) Elijah fleeing Jezebel . . . him hiding in a cave on Mt. Sinai. When “the LORD passed by” . . . Elijah experienced a wonderful contrast between the beauty and power found in nature and the gentle Presence via “a soft whisper” Your video reminds us that we need to unplug, be silent before Him and fully enjoy His Pleasure.

    Gary keep writing and sharing.

    You are making a difference in people’s lives.

  14. Gary- This piece you created has touched my heart with truth. Thank you.

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