9 Ideas That Will Get You Unstuck

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Over the years I have met many gifted, aware, devoted people who felt lost, stuck or paralyzed in the pursuit of their calling. Then, of course, I have my own paralysis. Every story and conversation about this issue has caused me to ask “why”.

We have all acted out of what we have believed (be it falsehood or truth) or what we have owned about ourselves at a deep heart level.  So, here are few thoughts that will help to counter the debilitating ideas that float around concerning our personal calling.

Go with what you know. You are only responsible for what you currently know, keeping in mind that what you know is partial and incomplete. Walk in the clarity that God has given you – only then will He give you more.

Let go of what you don’t love. Coming to grips with what you don’t love is valuable – it’s not wasted time. We waste a lot of time and energy feeling guilty and condemned over the things that we are not passionate about.

Live like an artist. Develop and create your art simply because you love it, not for a paycheck, approval or promotion.

Keep income and calling separate in your thinking. Don’t complicate things by putting these two together. At some point, they may merge, but one must not be dependent on the other.

“Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” – John Wooden. Start creating and offering what God has put in you with whatever resources you have in terms available time, technology, contacts, and opportunities. Don’t wait for someone to endorse or “anoint” you, for “large” audiences, a paycheck, position, title or a degree.

God is simply asking us to live honestly and generously in the place we are already in. We must offer the brilliance, strength, beauty, abundance, and splendor God has given us. Walking in our calling does not often require a big transition or life change like quitting a job, starting something new, or living somewhere else.

The development of the weightiness of our life is of utmost importance. Growth always includes knowledge, experience/experimentation, being mentored / coached / modeled, time for assimilation and maturing (fermentation).

Don’t wait for things to be “ideal” – Don’t wait for a job or position offer, endorsements, a certain amount in savings or an inheritance, or a close community of friends and allies to begin walking out your call.

God is comfortable with your trying. God is not afraid and you are not in great danger…if your idea has passed the “moral” and “ethical” filter and you understand your roles (husband / wife, father / mother, employee, etc.). Get the perspective of others. Just ask – people are always willing to lend their insight to you.

1 Samuel 10:6,7 The Spirit of the Lord will come upon you in power…and you will be changed into a different person. Once these signs are fulfilled, do whatever your hand finds to do, for God is with you.

There is a difference between waiting on God and procrastination, between moving in faith and striving.  Let’s help each other understand the differences and live on the right side.


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  1. I needed to read this. Thanks for bringing this to me just at the right time. I have to remember that what I do is not my calling, but it is a part of the process of moving into my calling, I think. And I’m very aware how I respond more to the call of income than the call of calling, if you understand me!

    • Oh, I understand what you mean. I can hear the “call of income” and it’s often louder than the call on our life.

      • What is your take on God’ grace and restoration for mistakes and for damage and betrayal by others?

        • Charles, that’s a big question with a lot of story behind it, so I’m not sure how to answer you except to say that God’s grace covers it all. There is forgiveness, restoration, freedom and personal growth, which is experienced over time and friendships.

  2. Kate Ritz (Larimore) says:

    Thank you, Gary! How timely! I needed this, as well, and I couldn’t even have told you why.

  3. Great read, and look closely at the two dogs. The one stuck in the picture is the one in the back. If a dog can get just his head out of a pen/fence/(or in this case, a window), then he’s GONE. The dog that is stuck (the one in the back) is the one not making an attempt to get out. Your nine ideas help me to “get my head out”/become unstuck.

  4. Such good reminders Gary. How easily we forget even while walking fully in our calling. Thank you!

  5. Awesome post Gary! I love it. I need to always be reminded of this

  6. Lee Sommitz says:

    Thanks to my friend Tom who forwarded this to me, and thank you Gary for your encouraging thoughts. Man have I felt stuck! Trusting God and not looking at the income aspect is hitting me in perhaps my weakest spot. But, your advice “smells” very scriptural. I was just listening to Mark today, where Jesus after the feeding of the four or five thousand, asked how much was left over, and asked if they still didn’t understand. I sense He was getting at how abundantly He provides when there seems to be way too little to possibly provide from. That is indescribably difficult for me to believe Him for…I want to believe Lord, help my unbelief!

  7. Lee Sommitz says:

    love to get more of this stuff…

  8. Gary, thanks for reposting this! Your recommendations just take the weight off my shoulders. How good to hear someone give us permission to just “go for it.” We may not have perfect clarity, we may be working a job that isn’t in our calling wheelhouse, we may be waiting for the perfect opportunity… what I hear you say is, “just get started… it’s okay!” Thank you. I think I’ll get started today!

  9. Thanks, Gary.

  10. Gary……as always, wonderful and inciteful words. Hell, I am 67 and I at this age I feel much more lost in terms of my calling then as I did when I was 18. Thanks for the boost….james

    • I forgot to mention love the dog image and the analogy to go with it…bingo….jasl

    • Jim, I hear you. I think the difference between being 18 and 67 is that you (we) now know much more about what is truly important, lasting, transcendent, and now we have less energy and interest in doing anything or everything. I have a feeling that you know more about your calling/purpose than you are immediately aware and that you having a bigger effect that you know.

  11. I so agree with all that was said and from my vantage point( 64) I feel I need to be deliberately free ( much like Leigh’s dancing) to be. I get so caught up in what to do and who am I , I miss the obvious. I also ( because of wounding) have a difficult time believing even when it’s obvious. I am really think Jesus probably chuckles at our trying so hard. He says his yoke is easy and his burden light!!

  12. Gary,

    This may be one of your best blog posts…at least it hit me where I am. I’m going to put it into my Evernote and keep it.

    As I started my business I fled from what made me successful and looked for something “more spiritual”. How could helping banks make money by understanding their customers better be a spiritual endeavor?

    My wife encouraged me to get back in that game, and I began understanding the intersection of my gifts, passions, and calling better. When I embraced the fact that what God has gifted me with is good enough, I had more peace and am moving forward.

    Thank you for the depth of your insights.


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