3 Essentials in 90 Seconds about How to Find Your Calling

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If I had just 90 seconds to help you find your calling, this is what I’d say:

1. Understand your context

There is always a context, a setting, a story. We misunderstand situations, others, our own life when we simply look at a moment without understanding the context, the Greater Story that is going on. There is always more going on than meets the eye.

Part of the Greater Story is about our “becoming” who we were created to be. The other part is our “overcoming”; there are forces to prevail over and enemies to conquer. Our lives are a fiery, creative, spiritual struggle.

2. Understand your self

We need to be aware of the defining moments throughout our lives; the people that entered our story and their deposits or withdrawals; the moments when we were most alive and the times we felt wholly lost; the things we have dreamed about and the things we most feared; the stories and the toys we loved as children. All of these various aspects and themes are a part of our unfolding story and are meant to bring revelation to who we are.

3. Understand God’s ways

There are things that only God can reveal about our lives. God wants to be intimately involved in our journeys of becoming and overcoming. Because of His desire for our lives to become what they were destined to be, He must and will speak to us personally. He promised to “instruct you and teach you in the way you should go.” (Ps. 32:8).

Augustine said, ”Without God we cannot, without us, He will not.”

(Excerpted from chapter 3 of It’s Your Call)


2 Responses to “3 Essentials in 90 Seconds about How to Find Your Calling”

  1. Gary, that’s great. Thanks.

    In response, I’d offer 3 essentials (in 9 seconds) BEFORE you find your calling:

    1) God gives EVERYONE a purpose and call. This includes YOU.

    2) God has been working on YOUR calling throughout your whole life.

    3) God wants to reveal his calling to you.


  2. Jim McFarland says:


    For me it has been a natural progression of overcoming the misconceptions to become a husband, father, and friend to others. As Christ said. Who is my mother and brothers? It is those who do the will of God. Part of my calling is to become the brother to those who seek the will of God. To encourage and empower others. To listen intently to the Holy Spirits leading.

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