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No matter how well put-together our life is, we still wonder if there is more: more purpose, more passion, and a more vibrant relationship with God.

We wonder, “Does God speaks to someone like me? Does he give a significant purpose for someone like me?  Is there more?”

The answer to these questions is, absolutely yes!

As writers, speakers, and personal advisors, we have helped thousands of people find that “more.”

And, we would love to help you.  There are three things that are needed to find the life that God designed you to live, a life that brings life to other:

1. Understanding – you need to understand what calling (purpose) is and what it isn’t.

We have created a free four-part video series which you can watch now:  Discovering Your Calling Video Series

2. Discovery – understanding is not enough, you must discover what your unique, God-designed purpose is.

We have tools to help you unearth this.  Attend our Calling Intensive Workshop, either in-person or online. Note: at this time, only our online workshop is available, starting Feb. 23rd.

3. Implementation – discovering is not enough, you must implement it.  We can help you walk-out your calling through our Calling Advanced Workshop and with the personal advice of experienced trail guides.  Check our Events calendar for future events.

Register now for the Online Calling Intensive Workshop which starts in three weeks.. Since this is live and interactive, we want to limit our class to twelve people.

We would love to help you find your calling.

For information and registration go to Online Calling Intensive Workshop.

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