June, 2019

What About That GTO?

When I grew up in Detroit, the population was over 1,200,000 people. I spent the next forty years living in Ann Arbor, population of about 120,000. Last summer, my wife and I moved to Brooklyn MI, population 1,188. Which is 25% smaller than my high school graduating class. A few weeks ago we ordered takeout from Harold’s Place, a restaurant near our house. As I sat at the bar waiting...

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Should Christians Fear Thinking?

Four years ago, I met with a pastor who talked about problems in his church. I asked him what he thought he should do. He said, “Watch it! ‘Thinking’ puts you into the devil’s territory.” (He really said that; I kid you not.) His answer hinted at one of his church’s problems. I figured he was an anomaly, like when you phone Comcast, and a real person answers the phone. But a...

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