Requesting an Event

Thanks for your inquiry regarding the Calling Retreat. Here are a few things that may help in determining if this retreat is the type of event you would be interested in hosting.


A Calling Retreat is typically a 3 day event starting Friday evening and ending Sunday noon. This event features in-depth teaching and reflective times alone with God and does not include small group interaction. The material covered in the Calling Retreat is a prerequisite for the Calling Intensive. Calling events focus on the discovery of personal calling and therefore, cannot be incorporated into a larger conference with other speakers or topics. The flow of the material presented prevents modifying the length of the Calling events. You can find an outline of the Calling Retreat Schedule on this web-site.


One of the essential elements of the Calling Retreat is for the attendee to disengage from his or her daily life and solely focus on their heart, their journey and hearing from God. Therefore, this event cannot be held in a church building, an office facility or a hotel. A retreat center away from the city, with surroundings that allow the attendees to get alone in the quiet, is necessary.


Movie clips, power point slides and music are used to enhance the message and overall experience. Essential equipment includes a bright projector, a large video screen, a good sound system and the ability to significantly darken the meeting room. We also require an experienced AV person to set up and run the equipment during the retreat, including having the ability to transition quickly between film clips, run the lighting, sound system and deal with technical issues that may arise.


Required expenses include:
– Travel expenses and occasionally (depending on the circumstances of individual retreats) a “wing-man” to assist in the weekend.
– $3,000 honorarium paid to “The Noble Heart” ministry.


– There are a few brief times of worship which will be done solely with CDs. Live worship is not an option.
– No announcements, updates or promotions can be given in the meeting/teaching room before or after the sessions.
– If this is a church retreat, you must have full permission and endorsement concerning the factors mentioned above by all the leadership.


– The Calling Retreat Itinerary for each event will be listed on “” website so that those inquiring about retreats in their area will know when a retreat is being offered.
– Inquirers must be able to link to your website for information and registration.

To Get Started

– First, find a retreat facility in your area and research dates available in the next 12 months. (Please make sure the retreat facility has the appropriate equipment available and in good working condition.)
– Then, let’s look at our calendars!

We hope this information has helped you assess the purpose and requirements of a Calling Event.  When you are ready to move forward in booking a retreat, please use the contact form below.

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