Sheer Beauty Retreat – OR




  • September 11-14, 2014
  • Young Life Washington Family Ranch | 1 Muddy Rd, Antelope, OR 97001 | Phone: (541) 489-3100
  • Registration opens at 5:00pm, Dinner at 6:00pm, Session starts at 7:00pm
  • Retreat concludes at 2:00pm on Sunday
  • Questions? Email Mirlandra Neuneker at
  • PDF retreat flier:

Sheer Beauty presents “The Secret Garden Retreat”

Sheer Beauty is a retreat inviting women to a deeper, more true and lasting beauty in the Kingdom of God. This kind of beauty, not easily come by, is born out of the trials and testings, the triumphs and the tragedies of the reality of the story we find ourselves living in.

Leigh has the unique gift of speaking so your heart understands and interprets the prompting of God. Of all the women that brought us the message of freedom and restoration for the heart of a woman, Leigh has always been my favorite because I know her soul has journeyed to the places of desert and also leapt into the springs of Life.” – Becky Guyor

Leigh speaking Aust 2

A life of sheer beauty is found in the dreaming, the dying, the surrendering, the training, the bowing down and the rising up, the running and finally the reigning with Christ in this life and in the age to come. Sheer beauty is our true inheritance.

By God’s hand our identity is imparted and yet the call on our lives is hard fought for. Sonship is bestowed by our Father and costs us nothing, but walking in our true glory costs us everything. Being a princess in the Kingdom is a gift, but becoming a queen and reigning with Jesus is a destiny long chosen. We begin this life with God by faith, but we finish the race by faithfulness.

Every time I’ve heard Leigh speak I sense she shares from a place of having traveled to the depths and back. Her teaching calls me to the wonder of ‘ministering to the heart of God’ with my life.”- Yvette Bone

During this retreat, we will explore where we find ourselves in God’s story and in light of the hour we are currently living, what it will look like to gain this kind of beauty and answer the call… “For such a time as this…”

IMG_9429We will look at the 7 great longings of the heart, how those longings are imbedded in our hearts from childhood, and how the dreams we dreamt as a little girl are often lost, stolen or shattered.

But is that where it ends or is this the path to longings fulfilled and dreams reawakened?

The path we find ourselves on is often filled with suffering, sacrifice and betrayal as well as beauty, hope and life. The things we have walked through are often the very preparation and training that leads to the revealing of who we are and empowers us to rescue those who desperately need us.

This weekend will be an intimate and interactive time filled with awakening, healing and discovery of our destiny, in a beautiful and luxurious setting.   The retreat begins Thursday evening, September 11th and ends Sunday afternoon the 14th.

Leigh’s message is both transcendent and intimate, an apt mirror of our relationship with our Father.  She touches on universal themes of womanhood and woundedness, gently inviting the listener to revisit life’s moments, rediscovering beauty and accepting healing.  Her truly tender and humble spirit invoke God’s healing presence for a deeply personal encounter with Love.” – Katie Stehsel

Washing Family Camp

We want every woman who would like to attend this retreat to be able to.

Our cost is $350 per person, but you can register at any of these levels.  If you can pay more than you cost ($350), you will help another women attend who could not afford it.