Special Campfire Conversation Podcast

This Campfire Conversation was with Michael Cusick.

Michael is a licensed professional counselor, spiritual director, speaker, and author of two books, including Surfing for God: Discovering the Divine Desire Beneath Sexual Struggle and Somebody’s Daughter: An Experiential Guide. Having experienced the restoring touch of God in a deeply broken life and marriage, Michael’s passion is to connect life’s broken realities with the reality of the gospel.

Becoming and living as an “oak of righteousness, a display of God’s splendor” in intimacy with Jesus Christ is what the Kindom of Darkness is focused on preventing. From years of hearing men’s stories and looking at my own, it appears that the world, flesh and Devil’s most effective and prevalent weapon is pornograpy.

Michael addresses this prevalent assault against the masculine heart.

The Second-Hand Smoke Effect of Lust – Michael Cusick 6 30 16

His ministry is at: www.restoringthesoul.com