December 1 – 4, 2011 in Buena Vista, Colorado

This powerful retreat for men will bring the teaching of the Calling Retreat with the interaction of the Calling Intensive into one weekend. If you are serious about discovering and understanding why you are here, what you most powerfully bring to the world and how God has been communicating this to you, this is your weekend.

I was a devoted family man, an executive at a successful software company, and an elder at my church; but I still didn’t know what I was here for. I felt lost. Gary’s Calling Retreat gave me a clarity and purpose with shocking power, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

In this reorienting weekend you will
  • learn how to interpret your heart, God’s voice and His choreography
  • see the  thrilling, glorious and transcendent nature of your calling
  • be able to articulate the effect of your life
  • understand why this has been such a difficult journey, what you have been up against and how to handle it
  • understand what God is up to with you at this time in your journey and process.

“This weekend was maybe the most amazing experience of my life. I felt joy when I was married and I was thrilled when my son was born. But I felt that my future was born during this retreat. My life now has a meaning that was missing. Words really cannot express how much this retreat meant to me but I hope that my life going forward will paint a picture that words alone cannot capture of how my life was changed over three days at the Exploration retreat.”
In order to make significant strides toward the discovery and deeper understanding our calling, we must find times when we can disengage from our world and fully engage our heart and God’s.  This is one of those times, beginning Thursday evening and ending Sunday afternoon.


“Stories were told, desires unveiled, journeys clarified, the enemy exposed and each person’s Glory acknowledged, affirmed and deepened. I personally gained so much clarity in my own life in each of those areas it truly was amazing.”


Registration, which includes 3 nights lodging, all meals, materials and feedback audio recording, is $375.


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