Online Calling Course


The next course will begin September 15th, 2015

*** Please don’t sign up for the Fall course before September.  You will get in.

A friend said to me, “I would do what God wants me to do, if only He’d tell me what it is.”  This is often the cry of the heart.  We have the desire to live the life that God created us to live, we just seem to be missing the clarity as to what that is.

God has revealed to you more about your purpose, your calling than you are aware.  He has not been silent or uninvolved.

How can a person enter his or her fifth decade of life and not understand who he or she is?  That was me.  Gary’s Online Calling Course, his book It’s Your Call, the exercises, the support of like-minded souls, and an invitation to see Abba from a new set of eyes were the “decoder ring” I needed to finally unravel the mystery that has always beckoned me to come forth.”  Timm

We have seen hope, understanding and clarity come to the men and women who have attended calling retreats.  Perhaps what is most astounding is the number of people who have not attended a retreat.  We believe it’s not for lack of need, rather lack of ability – time, money, schedule.

So, we are excited to offer this Online Calling Course.  This course provides you with both the resources of The Noble Heart and guidance through the discovery process.

As I look back at the past year since completing the Online Calling Course, I have noticed two things:  My ability to name and recognize my particular effect has increased dramatically.   I also find myself carrying a settled confidence that my bestowed calling matters to Jesus and to my community.  I know who I am so I am free to offer myself as Jesus intends.  It is a marriage of my great delight and His calling.”  Jill

Gary Barkalow, author of It’s Your Call, with several of his colleagues, will take you deeply, interactively and personally through the calling material.  You will also be a member of a community of people who have attended a calling event who desire to pursue a life of discovery, development and offering of their glory. Depending on the course level that you choose, you will be going through:

  • Gary’s book, It’s Your Call
  • The guidebook for It’s Your Call
  • The audio series, The Glory of Your Life
  • Weekly interactive conference calls discussing the material in more depth
  • Weekly small group interaction by phone
  • Personal discovery projects
  • Personal feedback session(s)

These come with your course fee as a digital / downloadable resource.  The book will be mailed to you.

The online calling course lasts for 12 weeks, but you can take up to 15. Course work involves approximately 1 to 2 hours per week depending on course selection.  We will also record and post the weekly conference calls, so that you can listen to it at your convenience if you are unable to listen in live.

My experience of the online calling course was time and money well spent. The process of thought and discovery initiated by Gary’s book and journal questions as well as the ‘connecting the dots’ approach brought to light many things I would never have seen on my own. I particularly enjoyed the discoveries made in my feedback session with Gary and Sam as it took the super-spirituality we often attach to ‘calling’ and gave it legs in the ground.” Guy

We offer three online calling course options.

Each class will be limited to 10 participants.

A phenomenal, life-giving, life-changing and purpose-giving course right here! You should definitely do this if you are able.”  Leslie

(If a different payment arrangement would make this workable for you, let me know:

To register:

    Online Calling Course – Basic ($95 initial fee + $35/month x 2 months for a total of $165)

 Online Calling Course – Intensive ($225 initial fee + $35/month x 2 for a total of $295)Sign up by September 2 to receive The Glory of Your Life 7 CD set ($38 value) with the It’s Your Call book
    Online Calling Course – Customized ($1,150 initial fee + $35/month x 2 months)
Discount Price for Online Calling Course – Intensive ($185 + $35/month) 
You are eligible for a $40 discount if you have already purchased It’s Your Call book & The Glory of Your Life or Sheer Beauty from The Noble Heart.
Upgrade from Basic to Intensive ($130)


I was able to articulate my own calling more clearly and now I feel I can help others begin to discover and articulate their own calling. I highly recommend the course!” Laura

Starting the OCC was like beginning a journey into something special. I would make all the time in the world for it. I still refer to it. All because it really made me more hopeful and passionate about life and God.” Oliver

The Online Calling Course served me well. I particularly benefited from the week between chapters as it allowed me to not only read the weekly chapter material and do the workbook assignments/various activities, but to spend additional time pondering their rich truth’s and applying them to my life. The debrief call at the courses end with Sam and Gary was perhaps the single most significant engagement I had last year.” Jeff

I have heard Gary speak multiple times on the subject of Calling and have read his book on the subject. The culmination of my multi-year search for my calling and that of my family’s, came when I committed the time and energy to The Online Calling Course.  Gary and Sam walked me deep into the matters of the heart and how God has designed me for my good works as Paul discuss in Ephesians 2:10 & Philippians 2:13.  If you find yourself at the crossroads of what the world tells you to do and what your heart is pulling you to do, the Online Calling Course will provide you the spiritual nourishment and discernment you need. The fruit of this class for me has been the Holy Spirit moving and shaping my family for God’s Kingdom Mission and Purpose.” Chad

I loved the online calling course because it allowed time between sessions to do the deep work necessary for clarity. Each week we had a combination of reading, recorded sessions, guide book, and live discussion with Gary and Sam. Each component fit together well to help the process.”  Chris