Where do I start?

First, if possible, start or continue in your journey to discover your calling with several others. We are too close for clarity with certain aspects of our life so we need the eyes of others.

Secondly, depending on your learning style and life style, begin with either the book, It’s Your Call, the audio book or the Calling Retreat CD series, The Glory of Your Life.

Third, if you are journeying with several people, take at least an hour per person to tell your life story from beginning to present. After reading the book or listening to the CDs, you will know what to listen for and what feedback will be helpful.

Forth, attend a Calling Retreat and Calling Intensive. Even if you’ve listened to the CDs, there is an experiential component to event.

In addition, I would recommend you listen to Breakthrough to Purpose and The Glorious Journey to gain more insight into what the journey looks like. Sign up for the free eLetter to get additional insights and perspective.