Gary and Leigh’s Bio

Gary has been studying and speaking on the subject of calling for 25 years. He is the author of the book, “It’s Your Call”. Founder of The Noble Heart ministry, Gary’s mission is to help people recover their heart, walk with God, interpret their life, offer their glory, and persevere with joy, equipping people to interpret their life as God instructs them in the way chosen for them”. (Psa. 25:12)

Gary is also adjunct faculty at Colorado Christian University.

Before starting The Noble Heart ministry, Gary was on the leadership team and a speaker with Ransomed Heart ministries for seven years. Prior to joining Ransomed Heart, Gary was with Focus on the Family for nine years; first as the Director of Legislative and Cultural Affairs and later as the Director of Staff Development. Preceding his employment with Focus on the Family, Gary served as Vice President of the athletic branch of Campus Crusade for Christ, Athletes in Action. During his fifteen years with Athletes in Action, Gary performed gymnastic demonstration around the world, started several other sports divisions and developed A.I.A. ministries in Africa.
Leigh, while first a lover of God, a wife, and a mother…..has poured her life out in the passionate pursuit of coming into deeper relationship with God and has devoted much time and energy drawing others into a more fervent desire for the riches of the Kingdom.  She is currently doing this through her “Sheer Beauty” retreats with The Noble Heart ministry in the US and internationally.  Leigh was also a (founding) speaker in Ransomed Heart’s “Captivating” retreat for six years and served with Campus Crusade for Christ for fourteen years.

Leigh has committed the years of her life to personal study and development of a rich message that resounds with deep intimacy and love for God. Because of her own personal journey, Leigh’s message brings unique understanding to what it means to walk with God through wilderness experiences. Through her teaching, Leigh explores how we can walk out of seasons of testing strengthened to become those who will reign with the Lord in His purposes today, and in the days to come.

Gary and his wife, Leigh, reside in Colorado Springs with their four children.

Soak continually in the one great truth of which you have had a vision; take it to bed with you, sleep with it, rise up in the morning with it. Continually bring your imagination into captivity to it and slowly and surely as the months and years go by, God will make you one of His specialists in that particular truth.”

-Oswald Chambers