Hearing God in Conversation


HEARING GOD IN CONVERSATION: How to Recognize His Voice Everywhere  $12.50 (free shipping)

If Christianity is a relationship with God, how many of us would say we have a strong, meaningful connection with Him?  After all, it’s widely accepted that the foundation of any good relationship is communication — and conversation with God often seems to be one-sided at best.  We may long to hear His voice, but does God still talk with us today?  Should we even expect him to?

Sam Williamson give us good news:  God is always speaking — we’ve just never been taught how to recognize His voice amid the clamor.  Sam shares the secrets of finding God’s voice everywhere: in Scripture, of course, but also in the checkout line, on the job, in a movie theater, and even in silence.

Some of the chapter titles:

  • How to recognize the voice of God
  • What are the scriptures for?
  • Brainstorming with God
  • Hearing God’s voice for others
  • Emotions and experiences of God
  • God speaks in our detours
  • Hearing God in the ordinary
  • God shouts in His silence

$12.50 (free shipping)

Eugene Peterson said, “I picked it up out of curiosity, and I couldn’t put it down.”

Gary Wilkerson wrote, “This is a remarkable book that teaches both how to hear God’s voice in Scripture, and then to hear his voice in every avenue of life. It’s filled with humor, insight, practical tips, and sound theology. I can’t recommend a better guide than Hearing God in Conversation.”

Samuel Williamson on, “Is that all there is?” from The Noble Heart on Vimeo.

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