March, 2019

Your Lovers Will Despise You

During its first fifteen years, my software company only worked with domestic clients. In the late nineties, we landed Oxford University Press (a terrific feather in our cap), and a few years later, a French company approached us. Actually, they approached two U.S. software companies. For the next six months, both companies passionately courted the French company, but in the end, they...

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Rewiring My Fears

After four years of trying to sell our old house, we finally moving into our new house last August. To prepare it for retreats, I’ve been immersed in chores: creating a new kitchen, installing new cabinets, making a desk, and rewiring about twenty light switches to link them to Alexa. All things I’ve done before: plumbing, carpentry, and wiring. Now that the house-updates are done, I...

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