4th Quarter: It’s Your Time

You’re not a rookie any more.

You understand the game, your teammates and opponents, the plays and strategies. You no longer have to be told what to do. You can survey the field, see what needs to be done and get into action knowing the part you are to play.

In this 4th quarter of your life:

  • You are more of what you were created to be than you were as a younger man.
  • Your words, your actions, your presence have a greater weight than ever before.
  • You have acquired perspective, experience, understanding and wisdom about the world, people and God.

Throughout Biblical, historical and contemporary times, a man’s greatest impact, a man’s greatest work, has been done in the 4th quarter of his life.

It’s your time, your most powerful time.

The enemy knows this and has been trying to sideline you. That’s why, in our 4th quarter, we often feel diminished, unneeded or unwanted, fearful, secluded and uncertain. We can feel overwhelmed or overlooked, besieged or bored to death.

This is a time for clarity, courage, camaraderie, character, and command.

During this conference, we will dig deep to uncover the great work of your life – what God has given you to bring to this world in this most powerful, glorious season of your life.

This is not a time to retire. It’s a time to re-fire.

This is not a time to hold on. It’s a time to let go.

This is not a time to fade away or disengage. It’s a time to show up and engage.

This is the time to be reoriented, recalibrated and released.

This weekend will have times of teaching, times alone with God and small group times facilitated by someone who has been through a similar retreat and is now living out of that experience. There will also be some preparation on your part before arriving at the retreat. In order to do this well, we will get away from the distractions of our daily life by staying at a conference center Thursday evening and through Sunday afternoon.

The retreat starts with dinner on Thursday at 6:00pm and concludes after lunch on Sunday.  You must be there the entire time.