Intimate Theology

When Your Desires Are Thwarted

Spiritual retreats have significantly impacted my life. During a retreat, something shifts in my heart, like a ratchet rotates it one way and it won’t twist back. In a concentrated time of prayer and reflection, I connect with God again, and I see the world with a new set of eyes. I like attending retreats, but I also like offering retreats. I want the same experience for...

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Information or Intimacy?

Over thirty years ago, I stumbled upon a 60 Minutes episode in which Mike Wallace interviewed an MIT computer science nerd.  He had a tiny keyboard strapped to his forearm and something like a virtual reality headset strapped over his eyes. The grad student claimed that future technology (remember, this was sometime in the 1980’s) would give us access to limitless amounts of...

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Old-fashioned Pharisees with a Modern-day Makeover

You and I are just normal folk: we struggle to make lasting friendships. But we also know people who casually stroll into a room of strangers, and leave with a dozen new friends, three lunch dates, and a personal introduction to someone’s dear old grandmother. We wish we were more like them: delightful and enchanting.   Last summer I read a BBC article entitled, Tricks to Make Yourself...

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