Alert & Oriented Webcast

Staying alert and oriented in this disorienting world can be difficult. We need encouragement, clarity, hope and perspective. It is The Noble Heart’s desire to bring resources to you that will help you stay alert and oriented in order to discover, develop and deploy your calling.

Tuesday evening, November 13th, at 6:00pm Mountain Time, we will be talking to David Cook, author of the book Seven Days in Utopia and the movie by the same name staring Robert Duvall and Lucas Black


A few Alert & Oriented Webcast:

A&O Webcast with David Cook – Letting God’s seed in you grow into a crop

A&O Webcast with Tom Mohen – talking with a sage

A&O Webcast with Pat Morley – God’s choreography in a life for a mission

A&O Webcast with Susie Larson – Finding your Calling through pain and perseverance

A&O Webcast with John Lynch– Grace & Calling

A&O Webcast with Pablo Giacopelli – professional tennis coach on how to live in the moment

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