Calling Intensive Workshop Pre-Retreat Assignments

There are six (6) personal-discovery pre-retreat assignments that you must complete before arriving.  These are great exercises – they will reveal some of the things that God has written on your heart even before the retreat.
These exercises will take some time, the longest of which will be the picture exercise and your life-line.  Don’t put it off to the last minute.  Our hearts don’t speak well under pressure, so don’t work on it between commercials or just before going to bed.  Take your time and enjoy the exercises.  They really are very revealing and fun.  Please read the instructions for the picture exercise and life-line exercise.  The other exercises are self-explanatory.


1. Experience Exercise
2. LifeLine
    Instructions for the lifeline exercise
3. Passion Theme Exercise  (If you can’t think of any movies, I suggest that you to go IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) and click “Top 250” movies” to jog your memory)
4. Passion Word Exercise
5. Picture Exercise Instructions
6. Rich Uncle Exercise